Congratulations to our E-bike Raffle Winner!

Britt Gardner

Congratulations to Britt Gardner, winner of our Bike to School Week Raffle! She’s now riding around the city with her daughter on her new Xtracycle pedal-assist electric cargo bike.

Britt signed up for our Bike and Roll to School Week family bike raffle back in April at Monroe Elementary School, where her daughter is in kindergarten. In the past, Britt has driven from her Bernal Heights home to the Excelsior neighborhood, where her daughter attends Monroe Elementary School. She would park her car a few blocks from school so her daughter could bike a few blocks to school, then would drive home before taking public transit to work downtown.

Now with her new Xtracycle Pedal Assist E-bike, she has the option to make her commute easier by biking instead of driving! What new landscapes and routes will open up for Britt now that she has a bike designed to carry both children and cargo while powered by an electric assist?

If you’re curious to know more about electric pedal assist cargo bikes, you can check out this video of the Xtracycle in action or read our recent article in the SF Chronicle about utilitarian uses for electric bikes.

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