Delivery by e-bike? E-xciting!

Photo credit: San Francisco Examiner

In a follow up to the San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission’s Emerging Mobility Labor Study, we’re working with the SF Department of the Environment on a 1-year pilot program to transition delivery workers’ mode of transportation to e-bikes. Anyone who participates in the program will get free access to an Aventon commuter e-bike and two safety education and on-bike training classes to prepare for a 4-month data collection period. At the end of the program, if participants successfully pass the safety requirements and complete the data collection, they will get to keep the new Aventon e-bike and use it for their personal and delivery work.

As the delivery industry continues to grow in San Francisco, we’re so excited to be a part of a program that provides free e-bikes and education to people that might otherwise be driving. We know that biking is better for the climate and often faster than driving, and programs like this break down barriers to getting more people on bikes in SF. We are providing safety training and education for the program’s two cohorts to help program participants feel confident riding on the streets of SF with their new e-bike. We’ll work with participants to understand California Vehicle Code and how the rules of the road apply to e-bikes. We’ll also get on our bikes together to practice navigating tricky traffic situations, handling skills and safety maneuvers, and city-route planning. 

Other important players in this pilot program include GRID Alternative, who are co-leading the project with SFE, and Driver’s Seat Cooperative, who are “driving” the  data collection. We’re thrilled to be working with these partners to understand the sustainability of e-bikes as transportation for gig workers. 

Learn more about the program here, and about our other free bike education classes for all experience levels here.

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