Evans Avenue Quick-Build is complete

Photo credit SFMTA

The SFMTA’s quick-build project for Evans Avenue between Cesar Chavez and 3rd streets finished construction in January of this year. This corridor in the Bayview, while mostly commercial and industrial, is a crucial connection for people in the Bayview, Portola, Visitacion Valley and Hunters Point to access downtown and other parts of the city.

Evans Avenue is also part of San Francisco’s Vision Zero High Injury Network, which means it is one of the most dangerous streets in the city. In October of 2020 a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle on Cesar Chavez and Evans Avenue. Evans has desperately needed safety improvements for people biking and walking to improve safety and slow down speeds.

After advocating for this project and working with SFMTA staff, we are thrilled to see a completed quick-build including new protected bike lanes, a road diet, improved crosswalks, pedestrian bulb outs, and daylighting.  

Throughout the approval and construction process of this quick-build on Evans, we learned that the SFMTA did not do enough outreach to several families living in RV’s along this corridor that would be forced to relocate due to the construction and the new design. Once we found out about this, we let the SFMTA know they need to do more thorough outreach and communication and to include the perspective of unhoused folks in their street designs.

The new quick-build on Evans is an excellent step forward. We will continue to advocate for better and safer infrastructure that is community-driven, more community spaces, and improved access in the Southeast. We look forward to other project completions such as the Hairball and Bayshore quick-builds coming up later this year.

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