Frida Kahlo Way Quick-Build approved!

After a lengthy and robust community engagement process, the Frida Kahlo Way Quick-Build was unanimously approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors last week! This quick-build will create a two-way protected bikeway, update pedestrian crossings and improve transit reliability and accessibility. It will help transform a transit-poor part of our city into a more connected and safe neighborhood.

We are excited to see this new protected bike lane on Frida Kahlo for students and neighbors who are already biking in the area and rely on this route. We also believe that it will allow more people to bike who feel limited by unsafe street conditions. Through this quick-build process we have been connected to students and leadership at CCSF to tackle concerns for affordability and equity in getting to and from their main campus.

We have encouraged city agencies to work with CCSF to offer free muni for students who want to take public transit but find the cost prohibitive. Together, with the quick-build, these solutions will take the pressure off private cars being the only realistic way to get to campus for many people – and our CCSF students deserve that! They’re the future of our city and the reason we work towards our transportation and climate goals.

We’re grateful to Supervisor Melgar for her tireless support of this project; we also commend the SFMTA staff for being receptive to feedback and envisioning a new Frida Kahlo Way. We’re glad the Board approved the quick-build and acknowledged the need to continue working on programs and policies to support affordable and accessible transportation for low-income students at CCSF and across our city.

Read more about the project and our involvement in our previous blog.

We will keep you updated on the implementation of the project and our continued work in the southwest of San Francisco.

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