From Intern to Program Coordinator, Welcome Back: Miles Stepto

We are thrilled to welcome back former intern Miles Stepto returning to the team as our new program coordinator. Get to know a little bit more about Miles and learn about the latest programs on which he’s working.

SF Bicycle Coalition: You were actually an intern with us a little while ago. What made you want to come back?

Miles: I moved back home to San Francisco motivated to work on projects which would help create more bikeable and livable streets. And as an intern I got the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of policy-making and infrastructure projects promoting those ideals. I was inspired by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s history of member-driven advocacy and saw a chance to engage people not historically represented at the advocacy table through the programmatic work.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about biking in the city?

It’d have to be the fusion of natural beauty and an urban environment. I also find endless joy riding in packs of people all sharing in something I love and have gotten to see blossom since my childhood on a bicycle. That love is spreading too! For the first time, in 2016 at least half of San Franciscans reporting biking at least occasionally. These days, I share a “hello” with someone I know who is riding almost everyday.

Can you tell us one of your favorite routes in or around SF?

My favorite place to ride these days must be one of the countless trails at Demonstration State Park or Skeggs Point. Twisty, flowy routes on a Mountain Bike are the perfect way to get out of town. However, I’m excited to ride the new Bicycle Skills Trails at McLaren Park and glad to see it located in a neighborhood that is easy for organizations like SF Composite MTB to access.

Can you tell us a little bit about the goals of the Valet Bicycle Parking and Bike It Forward programs?

One of the major barriers to more people bicycling more is insufficient safe and reliable parking. We provide Valet Bicycle Parking at over 100 events in SF yearly to help folks overcome that obstacle. Look for us at events including every Giants home game and A.C.T’s Bike to the Theater Nights.

Last Year, our Bike It Forward program helped to distributed more than 280 bikes to children and adults across the city. This program is in a position to grow substantially thanks to strong partnerships with community organizations like PODER, San Francisco Yellow Bike, the Chinese Progressive Association and others. I hope to work with those partners to keep the popularity of biking growing faster than ever in all neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Do you have anything else that you would like our members to know about you?

I’m really active, so when I’m not on a bicycle or working to get others riding, I’m spending my time outdoors. If I’m indoors, I’m playing chess. Please email me if you know of a hidden trail, an obscure SF fact or want to learn more about our Bike It Forward program.

Miles’ work leading our Bike It Forward program and Valet Bicycle Parking is getting more people biking all over San Francisco. Interested in lending a hand? He’s always keeping his eyes peeled for volunteers. RSVP to join him distributing or parking bikes today.

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