Getting Cars Off of Market Street this Year: Stefania Siragusa

Market Street

Stefania Siragusa sees Market Street 2020 as the first step toward modernizing Market Street. She recently became a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and has wasted no time jumping into our advocacy to make Market Street 2020 happen.

As a regular rider on Market Street, she is working with us to see private auto restrictions in place on the street before the end of this year. Stefania couldn’t be more excited, and we asked her what about the future of Market Street she is most looking forward to.

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Count Me In!

How often you use Market Street?

For the last 7 years, I have ridden my bicycle down Market Street every day for work.  I ride it 5-6 times back and forth on a daily basis. Growing up in Italy, I belonged to a road bicycle team, so using a bike to move around is natural and takes me back to my roots.

What is your vision for Market street? 

I visualize more children and families riding this street. I want parents to feel safe enough to ride this street with their kids. I think the Better Market project can make my dream a reality. When it becomes safe enough for kids, more people will feel excited to ride a bicycle. 

I’m also really excited about the environmental benefit as well. With more people riding bicycles, fewer people will choose to use their cars. Fewer car trips will create less pollution and benefit the whole planet.  Reducing greenhouse emissions is something I really care about; I don’t own a car, avoid using private automobiles, and I even became vegan 14 years ago to reduce my carbon footprint.

If you could change one thing about Market Street right now, what would it be? 

For me, Market and Van Ness is one of the most frustrating intersections. Drivers turning right from Market onto Van Ness conflict with pedestrians crossing the street and as a result, bicyclists coming from Embarcadero are stuck behind the waiting cars. It gets really dangerous when drivers get frustrated and try to force their way through. Taking private cars off Market Street would really help solve this.

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