Have an Impact in the Tenderloin

Three weeks ago, Gregory Blackman was hit and killed while riding his bike at the intersection of Turk and Taylor streets. Turk and Taylor are two of San Francisco’s high-injury corridors and Mr. Blackman was a senior, a group five times more at risk of dying from their injuries than those under the age of 65.

As we push for near-term infrastructure improvements on Turk and Taylor, more needs to be done to keep vulnerable populations, especially seniors, safe in the Tenderloin.

Volunteer for the TL

There are many amazing community-led efforts to increase street safety for vulnerable populations in the Tenderloin. One that is having a huge impact is Tenderloin Safe Passage, a program that places volunteer corner captains at every corner along a predetermined route of high-injury corridors so that children, seniors, and people with disabilities can cross the street and get around safely.

We are continuing to push for near and long term solutions for Taylor Street and hope to get commitments for a near term project with an accelerated timeline. Though even a near-term effort takes months to go in the ground. As we demand more for our streets, we can spend some time in the neighborhood and have an impact today.

I will be standing on Turk the week of September 17. Will you join me?

I’ll be there

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