Hermandeep shares her event planning intern experience

Hermandeep Kaur

Ever wondered what it’s like to intern at the SF Bicycle Coalition? Hermandeep Kaur interned with us during the spring as an Event Planning Intern. We caught up with Hermandeep, a San Francisco State University student, to get insight on her internship experience and how it has prepared her for the future.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What were some of your major accomplishments while interning?
Hermandeep Kaur: I was able to accomplish a variety of things during my internship that helped me grow in my professional and personal life. Professionally, a few of my major accomplishments included helping gather snack donations for Bike to Work Day, arranging coffee donations and learning how to write posts for social media.

When I started this internship, one of my personal goals was to become comfortable biking in San Francisco. I gained experience biking in the city while participating in volunteer opportunities. The bike ride from my house to the Inner Sunset Energizer Station was challenging, but absolutely rewarding.

Were you able form connections with other interns at the SF Bicycle Coalition?
Yes! It was great to talk to other interns about school and their internship experience. After finishing our internships, a few other interns and I got together for lunch and we continue to keep in touch.

I also really enjoyed talking to staff during all-staff activities. It was really great to celebrate accomplishments with colleagues, which helps foster a positive work environment. I’m happy that I’ve was able to make valuable connections with such amazing people.

How will your time at the SF Bicycle Coalition affect you in the future?
In the future, I see myself working alongside community members towards a common goal of building more sustainable and healthy cities. This internship introduced me to community engagement, which has been a very valuable experience. By volunteering at Sunday Streets, I was able to have conversations with neighbors about questions or concerns they had about their surroundings. It was a safe place to talk about our city and what aspects need improvement, such as bike infrastructure.

What’s the thing you liked the most about interning at theSF Bicycle Coalition?
The work of the SF Bicycle Coalition is so inspiring. When I wrote a paper about freeways and their impact on communities, I envisioned alternatives for a healthier city but was unsure of how to implement those alternatives. The SF Bicycle Coalition has shown me that my vision can become reality by advocating for biking, walking, public transit, etc.

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