Honoring Jane Kim, a Champion for Safe Streets

Jane Kim became a champion for protected bike lanes after learning to ride a bicycle as an adult. As she’s recounted on stage at our City Hall rallies, “Since I learned how to bike, I became committed to being one less car.” She adds, “But I will only bike if there’s a protected bike lane to keep me safe.”

As the Supervisor serving District 6 from 2010 to 2018, Jane made biking and street safety a top issue — not only for the neighborhoods in her district (including Tenderloin, SoMa, Mission Bay and Treasure Island), but also citywide. So it’s a surprise to no one, especially our own SF Bicycle Coalition members, that we are excited to award Jane Kim for all of her vital work at this year’s Golden Wheel Awards on July 25.

If you’ve ridden in the Tenderloin or South of Market in the past two years, you’ve most likely noticed a brand new, burgeoning network of protected bike lanes improving streets like Turk Street, Folsom Street, Seventh Street, Eighth Street, Townsend Street, and more. None of the other 10 supervisor districts in San Francisco come close to District 6 in terms of the number and mileage of protected bike lane projects.

Creating quick change on these streets wasn’t easy, but Jane’s boldness and vision made it possible. “Just go for the bullhorns. Why not? Be courageous. That’s how to be a true advocate.”

From bringing together community partners around street safety, to being a voice for San Francisco on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, to regularly speaking at SF Municipal Transportation Agency Board meetings, Jane consistently and courageously advocated for streets that work for everyone.

Join Supervisor Jane Kim in conversation as we honor her on July 25 at the Golden Wheel Awards. Buy your tickets today.

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