How to support Car-Free JFK right now

Even as 2021 comes to a close, our work to keep JFK Drive car-free continues. Week after week, your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been stationed in Golden Gate Park to get the word out as the pivotal Board of Supervisors decision awaits early next year to determine the future of JFK Drive.

We have partnered with Walk San Francisco over the past couple months to make sure our City leaders hear from us by distributing and collecting postcards in support of keeping JFK Drive car-free that are addressed to our Supervisors. You may have seen us in Golden Gate Park over the past few weeks holding signs and asking people to fill out a postcard. This outreach has helped us reach new people who haven’t heard that the amazing space we get to enjoy every day on JFK Drive will go away unless we make sure our Board of Supervisors takes action to keep it 24/7 car-free.

Did you see us at Winterfest last week? We were thrilled to partner with Kid Safe at our annual member party to get the word out about what’s happening on JFK Drive.

We are now at nearly 2,500 postcards signed, but we know there are so many more people out there who care about making sure Golden Gate Park puts people first. That’s why we need you to help with these efforts today. Make a New Years’ resolution today and join our incredible group of volunteers to make real, tangible change in San Francisco for generations to come by fighting to keep JFK Drive the way it is today – a beautiful respite in our city’s biggest park where people of all ages and all backgrounds come to enjoy.


Our goal for next year is to reach 10,000 postcards signed by March 2022. We need more volunteers to do this. If you believe in a car-free JFK Drive, join us for a volunteer day!

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