Introducing Jean Fraser, Acting Executive Director

Update 1/12/16: Did you hear the news? We’ve announced the appointment of Margaret McCarthy, succeeding Jean Fisher at the helm just this week. We are very grateful for Jean’s leadership and steady hand in recent months, and excited to embark on this new chapter with Margaret stepping up. 

After an incredibly successful year at the helm of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Noah Budnick wrote a letter to members announcing that he is stepping down as Executive Director.

We are grateful to Noah for his leadership at the SF Bicycle Coalition, and are sad to see him go. But the good news is that having moved to San Francisco to join us, he is staying in the city, even if not with us. We know Noah will be contributing in some new way to making San Francisco and the region a more livable, sustainable community. Ride on, Noah!

The Board asked Jean Fraser, a long-time board member who has led two organizations, to step in to manage day-to-day activities and to lead the recruitment for an interim Executive Director. Jean is a near-20-year member of the SF Bicycle Coalition who founded our popular Freedom from Training Wheels program. She started her career in the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office and subsequently served as the CEO of the San Francisco Health Plan and the Chief of the health department for San Mateo County.

As Jean steps up to be Acting Executive Director, she is also stepping down from the Board, on which she has served since the early 2000s. Because she stepped down from her role on the Board after notice was provided to members about the board elections, the Board has assigned the Board Development Committee to address the vacancy created by Jean’s new role.

When asked why she was willing to take on this role as Acting Executive Director, Jean said “I’ve spent a decade helping to grow this organization into the powerhouse it is. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to help the wonderful staff through this transition to keep us going strong.”

Jean has already started working with Noah to ensure the smoothest and strongest transition possible ahead of his departure after Thanksgiving. We are grateful that Jean has agreed to take the helm through the end of the year, and we look forward to introducing our new Interim Executive Director soon.  

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