Key Approvals Coming Up for Folsom, Howard

From preliminary design to public planning, improvements for Folsom and Howard streets have advanced significantly in the past year. Both the long-term streetscape project and the near-term improvements are coming to the end of their public planning process and moving into an important decision point: approvals.

Our SoMa Member Committee has been instrumental in getting these projects to where they are now. This group of dedicated members weighed in on the designs, determining which elements are best. They organized around the project open houses, coordinating streetside outreach to invite people who biking there every day. Now this committee is pivoting to focus on the final phase of the projects to make sure that they are passed through the approvals process.


Join us at our upcoming SoMa Member Committee meeting on Aug. 29 to learn the steps that go into approving a project and how best to influence that process. As a group, we will come up with strategies specific to Folsom and Howard’s approval timelines to make sure that they move forward on time and with broad public support.

SoMa Member Committee
Tuesday, Aug. 29 6:00 – 7:30 pm
SF Bicycle Coalition, 1720 Market St.

If you can’t make the above date and want to be engaged in the approvals process for Folsom and Howard, get in touch at

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