Let’s Pack the Room for Page Street

Page Street

Page Street is long overdue for aggressive improvements, with over four years of planning that has yet to lead to transformative change. With the support of Supervisor Vallie Brown, we now have the chance to put people first on the street. So if you live here or bike on Page Street regularly, we need you to help us pack the room full of supporters at an open house next week.

Join us on Tuesday, August 27 at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) Page Street Open House to give your feedback and help us push for a calmer, more comfortable street for those walking and biking.

Let’s Win This

Every single morning during peak commute hours, 50% more people are biking on Page Street than driving. And yet, the street continues to be plagued by chronic vehicle congestion since the Central Freeway was torn down 16 years ago, making it difficult and at times unsafe for those biking and walking to navigate. It’s time we make Page Street the bike corridor it needs to be.

At next Tuesday’s open house, City planners will present designs that prioritize the safety of those walking and biking along the street. This is your chance to give your feedback on their design proposals including:

  • Diverting traffic off of Page Street at Webster Street;
  • Adding a protected downhill bikeway and an uphill bike lane between Octavia Boulevard and Laguna Street;
  • Making Page a one-way street in the westbound direction between Octavia Boulevard and Laguna Street, and;
  • Prohibiting left-turns and westbound through-traffic at Octavia Boulevard.

Next week’s open house also serves as a public hearing for the project, which is why attendance is even more important than ever. This is your chance to show up and make sure the SFMTA commits to drastic changes along this popular bike route.

Join us on August 27 and help us envision a Page Street that puts people first.

Page Street Open House and Public Hearing
Tuesday, August 27, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
John Muir Elementary School, Auditorium (380 Webster St)

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