Light up the Night is Back!

Excited to light up the night again with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition? With Daylight Saving Time, our days are shorter, it’s becoming darker earlier, and we want to ensure people who bike can be seen at night. So, we’re bringing back Light Up the Night, our annual bicycle light distribution campaign!

With the generosity of our sponsors, Bay Area Bicycle Law and SHARP, as well as our amazing volunteers, we install white and red lights for people biking between November – March, the darkest months of the year.

Lights help to keep folks safe and they’re mandated by California law (CVC 21201 requires people to have bicycles equipped with a white light in the front and red light and/or reflector in the back.) Look out for us every week throughout the city in various neighborhoods, and stop by if you’re in need of lights. If you miss us on the street, SF Bicycle Coalition members can get discounts at bike shops all over the city to buy the lights they need. If you’re not a member, become one today!

None of our Light Up The Night events would be possible without our wonderful members and volunteers. Sign up here to help us light up the night.

Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city.