Make Twin Peaks Car-Free Forever

Aerial photo of one peak of Twin Peaks

Photo: Keisuke Omi

Since 2016, the eastern half of Twin Peaks Boulevard has been open to those walking and biking to take in the gorgeous views atop one of our city’s most popular landmarks. Now we have a chance to make this park space car-free forever at the April 21 SF Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) Board meeting. Will you help us keep Twin Peaks car-free?

Write a letter of support today!

Over the last four years, we have seen a dramatic decrease in speeding cars on Twin Peaks, creating safer open spaces for residents and tourists alike. This is a huge win for people and with its success, the SFMTA is looking to make this permanent. If made permanent, we can get to the important work with the Recreation and Parks Department to construct an inviting, accessible park for all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Thanks to our work with groups like Walk SF, the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council and SF Urban Riders, those who enjoy the scenic views have been able to do so without mingling with cars along the entire eastern span of Twin Peaks Boulevard. Join us in the push to put people first atop Twin Peaks and write a letter of support today.


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