Making Your Tax Dollars Work For You (and Your Bike)

Every year, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) manages over $100 million of sales tax revenue to fund smart and effective transportation projects throughout the entire city. Right now, they’re looking at what the funding priorities are for the next five years and they want your help.

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Originally approved by voters in 1989, and then reauthorized by 2003’s Proposition K, San Francisco has a half-cent sales tax for transportation to fund everything from protected bike lanes to new traffic signals and Muni vehicles. Managed by the SFCTA, the funding plan is updated every five years to determine how these critical tax dollars will help San Franciscans move around the city in a safe, affordable and accessible way.

Voters approved general categories for funding, while specific project priorities are updated every five years.

Prop K revenues help fund a wide range of bicycle projects. In recent years, revenues have helped add green paint and replace soft-hit posts to bike lanes around the city. Thanks to the support from Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, the current efforts to plan a protected bike lane on Valencia Street is also funded by Prop K. Beyond planning, these tax dollars have also led to construction of new protected bike lanes, such as on Seventh and Eighth streets.

With so much opportunity ahead to continue advancing bike infrastructure and more sustainable transportation, take a moment to fill out the brief survey here. The survey will close on June 1.

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