Meet Jordon, A Bike Building Legend

Jordon photo
By Emily Rudger

For over a year, Jordon Bluestein has been a friendly face with our Bike it Forwards Program and has become a volunteer superstar in the process. We wanted to find out more about why he loves volunteering with the SF Bicycle Coalition and we recently had a chance to chat with him at Community Repair Night.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What made you want to get involved with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition? How did you hear about the Community Bike Builds Program?

Jordon Bluestein: I’m a long time SF Giants fan and while using SF Bikes Valet Bike Parking at AT&T Park, I picked up a copy of the Tube Times and read about the Bike it Forwards Program. After reading about the program and its mission to help distribute bikes to low-income residents, I was inspired to volunteer.

Part of what makes this program great is the Community Repair Nights because they attract volunteers from all walks of life. Some people are there to learn how to repair bikes while some volunteers come because they want to make affordable transportation, such as biking, available to all residents. You’ve attended over 22 Community Repair Nights, what keeps you coming back?

I’m learning good repair skills from staff members like Miles Stepto. With volunteers, Miles is welcoming, patient and an expert mechanic teacher. That gives me the confidence to help my wife or friends when we’re out riding. I also enjoy hearing the background stories and experiences of cycling in the Bay Area from the diverse group of people at Community Repair Nights.

How does it make you feel that the bikes we are repairing are going to low-income residents, many of whom lack affordable transportation options?

It is fantastic, anything we can do for people who need transit and don’t have the means is more than a bonus, it draws me in. Because I work long hours, I can’t do enough of that work on my own. If this program didn’t exist the bicycles would be unused or scrapped. Bike it Forwards exemplifies the best of the Bay Area ethos and dedication to social justice. It is one of those programs where people make an impact.

Thanks Jordon, your dedication and enthusiasm makes this work possible. With volunteers like Jordon, we’re able to repair hundreds of bikes each year and donate them to low-income families across the city.

Want to be a volunteer superstar by helping to get another 60 kids on bicycles? Come help out at our upcoming event with B-Magic on August 18th. It will be our largest Community Bike Build yet!

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