Meet Your Board: Lisa Fisher

Lisa Fisher has been a member of the SF Bicycle Coalition since 2006, and was first elected to our all-volunteer Board of Directors in 2014.

“After eight years, I had termed out of representing District 5 on the City’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee and was considering new ways I might volunteer to help our city be more sustainable and livable,” Lisa said. “I was on maternity leave, flipping through the Tube Times and saw the call for Board of Director candidates.”

She wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but her interest was piqued as a member and huge fan of the SF Bicycle Coalition.

“I loved biking as my main transportation mode over the preceding decade,” Lisa said. “I wanted to keep biking with my little son and was deeply grateful for the work of the SF Bicycle Coalition.

“I knew it would be an honor to serve the organization and hoped my experience as an urban planner and connections with the local built environment community would be helpful,” she added.

In her years on the board, Lisa has contributed considerably to the board’s work across several committees. Last year she Chaired the Board Development Committee, and this year added service on the Membership and Fundraising Committees.

“My favorite thing about the Board Development Committee is planning the annual retreat, a great way to connect with other board members and staff in meaningful ways,” Lisa said. “While asking for money is not a strong suit of mine, I know that taking that on as part of the Fundraising Committee supports the work of the organization.

“I authentically believe in the value of the SF Bicycle Coalition’s work and want to connect more people to its mission,” Lisa said.

Asked what it is like to serve on the active Board of Directors for the SF Bicycle Coalition, Lisa replied, “The time commitment is no joke, but we need strong, smart, committed people to take that work on.”

Her tips for prospective candidates include “connecting with current and past board members to hear about their experiences, and also reviewing the upcoming election guidelines.

“The board values diversity and relies on a wide breadth of professional expertise. Potential candidates can review the skills and qualities most needed in the next crop of board members before submitting a statement of interest,” Lisa said.

If you love people who bike and want to advocate to make San Francisco more and more bicycle-friendly, consider running for our member-elected Board of Directors. We are adding more details about the expectations and elections timeline here and hope you will consider this opportunity to substantially contribute to promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation in our city.

Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city.