Meet our newest community organizer, Malcolm

We’re thrilled to welcome Malcolm Jaramillo as your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s newest community organizer.

Malcolm was born and raised in the Portola District and became interested in safe streets and bike advocacy when his father, an everyday bike commuter, was hit by a driver while riding. Growing our advocacy team means that we have Malcolm as our dedicated community organizer for San Francisco’s eastern and southeastern neighborhoods, including the Mission, Potrero, Dogpatch, the Portola, Excelsior, Bayview and beyond.

Get to know Malcolm and don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello at

1) Tell us about yourself and your passion for transportation justice.

I am in my last semester at San Francisco State University, finishing my undergraduate degree in urban planning. I was raised using all forms of transportation from riding Muni to my bike to driving a car. I’ve seen how different neighborhoods are better for biking and are easier to navigate without a vehicle. I also understand the challenges and barriers many San Fanciscans face when taking public transportation. This is ultimately what fuels my passion for transportation justice, and I can’t wait to be a part of the fight to make the city safer for people on bikes, folks who ride the bus, and all of those who want equitable and abundant mobility. 

2) Your organizing area will cover southeastern neighborhoods like the Bayview, Dogpatch, Excelsior and most importantly, the neighborhood where you were born and raised: The Portola. What do you love about being born and raised in San Francisco?

I love my foggy skies and my rainy days, hopping on the 9-San Bruno bus to go downtown, taking BART to the East Bay, the view from a hill top, and the sound of people going about their day. Above all what I cherish most is being part of this crazy organism that is Frisco. I can walk through these streets being myself and no one will notice, and I find comfort in the anonymity, in the smallness of my individual existence in this place. I’m lucky enough to be a third generation San Franciscan, and there’s a lot of history in this town that lives on through my elders. I’m proud to carry that legacy with me. 

3) You’ve been an intern since last fall. What have you enjoyed the most thus far, and what are you most exciting to dig into as our newest community organizer?

I love that everyone here has so much drive. Being in the world of bicycle advocacy can be hard work but the team here has that fire to keep at it with all they got. And from my time here I can say that is true for all the staff at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. I’m really excited to add to that flame and start doing work in the southeast part of the city, because there is the potential for better bike infrastructure and more equitable, sustainable mobility options. I can’t wait to do outreach on my home turf and work on impactful campaigns that connect these communities together. 

4) Beyond the bike, what do you like doing?

I have recently become obsessed with roller skating, so I’ve been spending most of my free time in parks and tennis courts practicing to get better. On other days I’m walking around the city taking photos with a disposable camera while walking my dog Roxie.

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