Meet Whitney, Development Associate

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition welcomes Whitney Libunao as our new Development Associate.

Tell us about your role at the SF Bicycle Coalition.

As the Development Associate, I assist in the strategic planning and allocation of contributed revenue into areas that help maintain the organization’s sustainability and success.

You first joined the SF Bicycle Coalition as an intern. What was your previous role like and how has it been to transition into your new role?

As the part-time Event Planning Intern I assisted our Marketing and Events Manager, Susan Gallentine, in the planning and execution of Winterfest, our annual member party and art show, and learned invaluable information. With a predominantly business-related background, having an internship at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition was an introductory exposure to the environmental sector. As I transitioned to my role as Development Associate, I’ve been fortunate enough to use the skills that I acquired during my internship to lessen the learning curve and hit the ground running.

What about our work excites you?

I love how dedicated and passionate we are about the gradual transformation of the streets and neighborhoods of San Francisco. I love that we are advocating for environmental consciousness by educating and encouraging alternative transportation and therefore, lessening emissions and promoting sustainability. By doing this, we are also making the city more just and inclusive for all.

When did you first start biking? Do you have a favorite biking memory?

Once I got bored of my Barbie beach patrol jeep, my mom taught me how to ride my tricycle in our neighborhood cul de sac in Hercules. My fondest memory was when I first took off my training wheels and built up the courage to finally ride on my own. For one reason or another, I made every turn ridiculously dramatic and would be inches off the ground every time — completely defying the laws of gravity, and somehow I rarely fell over… I’ve come a long way since then.

When you’re not working or biking, what fills your time?

As a full-time graduate student as well, more often than not I’m studying, doing homework, or procrastinating on both of those things. Aside from school and work life, I love being outdoors — away from any sort of fast-paced environment. I enjoy hiking or finding new places around the Bay Area with minimal light pollution to see the constellations and planets. I try to stay extremely active and fit, so I go to the gym daily and am constantly searching for ways to get stronger and faster. At my laziest, I watch, rewatch and watch again my favorite guilty pleasure show, The Office. I can embarrassingly recite most (if not all) of the lines. I also have a long time unconditional love for the Golden State Warriors and will do anything and everything to make sure I watch or go to almost every game.

As our Development Associate, Whitney knows the ins and outs of revenue and fundraising. Support our work in transforming San Francisco’s streets by making a donation today.

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