Member Profile: Steve Hershoff

Meet Steve Hershoff, a fabulous member and SF Bicycle Coalition volunteer who lives in the Richmond and has been a member since 2008. We caught up with Steve to hear his thoughts on biking and what would improve his ride:

What I love about biking:
There’s so much… the freedom and convenience biking offers are great draws for me. Also, the sense of accomplishment that I’ve gotten somewhere I need or want to be using my own power, without harming the environment.

I love being more in touch with my surroundings. Riding is fast enough to make cross-city trips practical, yet slow enough to allow the rider to see and hear things that I would miss in a car. I have enjoyed brief conversations with fellow cyclists at red lights – drivers are not able to do this. Finally, it’s the most fun way to get around!

What I want to see improved:
I want to see more bike lanes, specifically more that are more substantially separated. Soft hit posts don’t seem to work very well – note how many of them on Market Street are bent or completely missing. Let’s make San Francisco a safer, more inviting place for bicycles!

Why I’m a member: The SF Bicycle Coalition advocates for cyclists. The work is important; it would not be a stretch to say improvements the Coalition pushes for literally save lives. I am proud to be a member of a group that provides such an important service.

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