Mission High School Bike it Forwards Events

On Wednesday, Feb 14, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition donated a truckload of bikes and parts to the Mission Youth Bike Club. The club is an after-school program that teaches bike mechanics, leads bike rides and connects students at San Francisco’s Mission High School. Its goal is to give students freedom of mobility and a hands-on task that many find refreshing after a day in the classroom.

“Our stock of bikes and parts was seriously depleted, which was making it hard to run the program,” Esther Cervantes, who co-founded the club in 2013, said. “So we’re excited about the delivery from the SF Bicycle Coalition!”

Robyn with a bike he built up from a frame that Pedal Revolution donated.

The donation was the result of an initiative by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition called the Bike Equity Network. The network brings together various community partners to discuss how to create and support an equitable bicycle distribution process per the City’s Unclaimed Bicycle Ordinance Esther collaborated with the SF Bicycle Coalition through the Bike Equity Network to highlight the need for resources for the program at Mission High School. This donation is one of the many ways that the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is taking to ensure that low income youth have access to affordable transportation.

The SF Bicycle Coalition hopes to further promote future generations of people enjoying biking by continuing to work with the Mission Youth Bike Club and the Bike Equity Network on projects that will ensure transportation equity and skill building in San Francisco. If you’d like to support future collaborations such as this, please email miles@sfbike.org to get involved or donate a bike.

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