More Action Happening for Bikes and BART

As the population throughout our region continues to grow, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) needs to do the same to ensure its service matches the needs of Bay Area residents. Their continued to commitment to ensuring access to BART via bicycle continues on, even after the October 2013 decision by the BART Board to lift the bike ban. Every month brings new records for ridership, so it has become crucial to build out bicycle parking facilities at BART stations.

Most recently, work has begun at Civic Center Station to create a new bike station to ensure secure bicycle parking. After the funding was secured last year, plans are now moving forward to triple the secure bike parking at this mid-Market location. This includes a bike room, which is only accessible through BikeLink, similar to Embarcadero Station, which will hold up to 89 bikes. This work will be completed sometime this year.

Sneak peek of the new 19th Street Oakland Bike Station, which will open on February 25.

Sneak peek of the new 19th Street Oakland Bike Station, which will open on February 25.

Even sooner than that is the 19th Street Oakland Bike Station for East Bay commuters. BART will be hosting their grand opening of this fully-attended bike parking facility next week, and you are welcome to attend and get the first look at the Bike Station. There will be free parking available for up to 120 bikes right near the entrance to the 19th Street Station.

For many of you who need to bring your bike on BART, make sure to follow all the bike rules to ensure access for all passengers.

Bikes on BART rules

While the near-term future for bikes on BART is looking bright, the decision to determine the design of the future cars was postponed back in June of last year. The intention was to wait for a 10-car trial so that the public would be able to give feedback. The BART Board of Directors is meeting next Thursday to revisit this conversation and determine what they want to test for the ten-car trial, and we need your support to urge the BART Board to push for the best bike options on these new cars.

BART Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, February 26 at 5PM
344 20th Street, 3rd Floor, Oakland CA

These new cars are an exciting developing for BART, one that will make the system work better for all passengers. It’s critical that these cars provide space for people to bring their bikes on BART. We are asking the BART Board not only to consider the design with bike parking on each car, which has space for three bicycles, but also to include an option for “flex space” on the opposite end of the cars. This flex space would be similar to what current bike space looks like in terms of size, but it would be open to people with bicycles, disabilities, extra luggage or even parents with strollers. This flexibility would help address a diverse set of needs, and we urge the BART Board to include this as an option in the 10-car trial.

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