Near-Term Protected Bike Lanes Approach Completion on Folsom

For anyone who rides Folsom Street into work in the morning, you’ve no doubt seen your commute undergoing changes from 11th to Fifth streets.

Over the past couple of months, transit boarding islands and the relocated parking lane were added as physical protection, separating the bike lane from faster moving traffic lanes. Finally, green paint is being added to the entirety of the bike lane. A few sections are a bit behind schedule due to nearby construction, but the whole stretch will be complete in January.

The new Folsom bike lane is the latest of several protected bike lanes in SoMa built on an aggressive timeline to improve our most dangerous streets.

Seventh and Eighth streets were completed earlier this year and informed designs for this new bike lane on Folsom. To make sure drivers aren’t parking in the bike lane, and that the pavement quality is good for biking, we are working with the City to conduct on-street outreach to people parking in the bike lane and identify spots where the pavement needs smoothing or filling. Send an email to if you have other concerns you’d like to see addressed.

Bike advocacy is stronger when we’re all in this together. With more street campaigns to win throughout SoMa and beyond, we want to see more near-term protected bike lanes in 2018 and need you support to do so. Please consider giving a year-end gift to help power our street campaigns and continue the fight for bike-friendly streets across San Francisco.

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