Open Streets Every Saturday in Golden Gate Park?

Open streets in Golden Gate Park every Saturday of the year? Yes, please!

In a busy, dense city like San Francisco, we cherish our open spaces. With over 1,000 acres of parkland, Golden Gate Park is the backyard for thousands of local residents and a destination for people all over the city and beyond. That’s why your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been stepping up our advocacy for more streets in Golden Gate Park to be opened up to people walking and biking.

In 2007, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition led a broad coalition of community advocates to win Healthy Saturdays, a program that opens up a key portion of JFK Drive from Eighth Avenue to Crossover to people walking and biking. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Healthy Saturdays, but the program only runs half the year. It’s time to see the success of this program expand and match the year-round car-free Sundays.

Once again, we are building a strong coalition of advocates to support the expansion of Healthy Saturdays into a year-long event. We are working with our members, local institutions and organizations to show City leaders that San Franciscans deserve more open streets in their parks. Joining us are Walk SF, Livable Streets, the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association and the SF Parks Alliance, and the list keeps growing.

Help us advocate for open streets that make parks a place for people first. Make a year-end gift today to fuel our efforts so that we can celebrate the freedom and joy of open streets together in 2018.

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