Our Board’s November Endorsements

Board of Supervisors

District 2: Catherine Stefani 

Supervisor Stefani has been a strong supporter of bicycle safety upgrades in our parks and has been a critical vote in both making JFK car-free and supporting Proposition J. There is still a lot of work to be done in District 2 and we look forward to seeing her passion in making parks safer for bikes to translate to making our streets safer for all users. 

District 4: Gordon Mar 

This race in District 4 is about the future of our city, as much as this district. We endorsed Gordon Mar as an opportunity to elect a pro-biking Supervisor in 2018, and we do so now for the same reason. He was a co-sponsor of car-free JFK. He is supportive of the Great Highway as another promenade and has introduced legislation to study it. Additionally, he bikes regularly to City Hall and his child learned to ride at an SF Bicycle Coalition event. The Board recognizes the importance of ensuring that the west side of San Francisco is represented by someone who will balance all needs of our Sunset residents.

District 6: #1 Honey Mahogany; #2 Matt Dorsey

Honey Mahogany, through her work with former District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney, has already started a record of strong leadership championing bike and pedestrian safety projects through SoMa, Tenderloin and beyond, including the largest expansion of protected bike lanes in SF history. We believe she is the best choice for the supervisor to continue this life-saving work. Honey Mahogany’s broad list of individual and organizational endorsements show that she is a coalition builder who we hope will build the support we need to make streets safer across the diverse communities of District 6. She has also committed to holding transportation network companies accountable to making our streets safer. As a supporter of Slow Streets and Vision Zero we believe Honey Mahogany is the best choice for District 6.

District 6 has an ongoing tradition of electing bike-friendly supervisors, and in this race we believe both front runners will focus on street safety as key parts of their platforms. Supervisor Matt Dorsey’s questionnaire answers and our conversations with him give us confidence that he recognizes the bicycle as an important method of transportation in District 6, as well as the larger challenges of being able to safely travel throughout the district via public transportation, bicycle, and all the new “micro-mobility” solutions. Based upon our current work with his office, we know he is a strong voice for improving the safety of our streets, and we endorse him as our second choice.

District 8: Rafael Mandelman

We once again endorse Rafael Mandelman. He has been a leader in rejuvenating transit and in creating the Shared Spaces program, and he was a co-sponsor for the creation of JFK Promenade. His questionnaire responses also reflect a detailed and nuanced understanding of bicycle infrastructure needs in his District. At the same time, we are disappointed with the lack of progress on bicycle safety in District 8 since Supervisor Mandelman’s election. Key corridors such as Valencia Street, 17th Street, and Upper Market have seen little to no improvement under Supervisor Mandelman’s tenure. (Valencia Street was split between D8 and D9 until the redistricting changes earlier this year; it’s now entirely in D9.) We look forward to seeing Supervisor Mandelman push more assertively for better bike infrastructure to be built in the near term, even if a vocal minority is in opposition – both in his work as supervisor and as the current chair of the SFCTA Board.

District 10: No Endorsement

Supervisor Walton has been a champion for transforming green space in District 10. He has supported projects like the Evans Street bike lane and the Hairball improvements. We recognize that to accomplish our mission of working to ensure transportation justice throughout this City, the D10 supervisor is an important partner, particularly as we look forward to connecting the amazing new green spaces such as Heron’s Head and India Basin Shoreline Park.

In this election, we have strong differences with Supervisor Walton on major issues affecting the future of our City, such as his opposition to the JFK Promenade and the Great Walkway. Proposition I, which prohibits car-free spaces from ever being established in GGP and on the Great Highway, and forces the City to maintain car travel from Sloat to Skyline, is fiscally unsound and undoubtedly will eventually affect funding directly relevant to D10. Walton’s support for Prop I is simply too great to overcome for us to endorse him.

District Attorney: No Endorsement

While the District Attorney may not seem to have a clear role in bicycling advocacy work, they can have a powerful impact on issues like obtaining justice for victims of traffic violence, and ensuring that BIPOC members of our community are protected from the harassment of pretext stops. While we were impressed by some answers in the candidate questionnaires, there is no candidate who is such a clear transportation champion that we would make an endorsement in this race.

BART Board: Janice Li

We are proud to endorse Janice, as we have previously. She has continued to be a long-needed voice at BART for people who bike, and she has also been a leader on issues such as helping launch BART’s low income pass program and supporting the building of housing on BART land. We are proud to endorse her again and work with her in shaping a better BART that better serves all communities.

State Assembly 

District 17: Matt Haney

District 19: Phil Ting

We endorsed Matt Haney for District 17 and Phil Ting for District 19 in the primary election on June 7, 2022. These endorsements carry forward to the general election. 


Your Board of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition voted earlier this summer regarding City propositions so that we could take positions in the official voter guide. The Board endorses:

No on San Francisco Proposition I

This is an egregious attempt by a small group to overturn the decision creating JFK Promenade that went through a lengthy public outreach and legislative process with input from multiple stakeholders. While maintaining JFK and protecting the Great Walkway are more than enough to vote no, Prop I would also require the City to undo over a decade of environmental planning and build a large sea wall to maintain the Great Highway from Sloat to Skyline for cars, at a huge financial and environmental cost.

Yes on San Francisco Proposition J

Maintain a safe JFK Promenade, while continuing to improve access to this part of Golden Gate Park. Proposition J would reaffirm the Golden Gate Park Access and Safety Plan to preserve the well-loved and well-used car-free space that was made permanent earlier this year.

Yes on San Francisco Proposition L

This is a reauthorization of a previously voter-approved ½ cent transportation tax. Our city desperately needs this money to improve street safety, MUNI service, fight global warming, and secure state and federal matching funds. The previous transportation tax has funded many projects we have advocated for, such as protected bike lanes on Folsom, Valencia, and Masonic Streets, as well as the quick-build program. Prop L would allow such projects to continue to be funded, and includes $114 million earmarked specifically for making streets safer for people biking and walking.

Yes on San Francisco Proposition N

The parking garage in Golden Gate Park is currently under-utilized, expensive to use, and has the potential to be a solution in the discussion of increasing access to JFK Promenade. This would give the City more power to control its financing and fee structure by making it a publicly owned asset.  

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