Our Letter to the DMV on Autonomous Vehicle Regulations

Hundreds have already signed on to tell the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to strengthen regulations for autonomous vehicles. Today, we’re sharing our recommendations for ensuring that the promise of autonomous vehicle technology can be realized without sacrificing safe streets in the present.

Support Safe Autonomous Vehicle Regulations

Along with Walk San Francisco and members of the Vision Zero Coalition, your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition submitted this letter to the DMV with clear, specific recommendations as they overhaul current regulations for the testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles. Smart policies will ensure cities adapt and can reap the benefits that this technology can bring, and now is the time to shape how we get there.

In addition to DMV efforts to strengthen autonomous vehicle regulations, we are also pleased to report that a San Francisco legislator recently introduced a bill to increase penalties for corporations flouting regulations. Assemblymember Phil Ting introduced A.B. 87 to make companies think twice before testing unpermitted vehicles on California streets.

Regulations that put the safety of people biking and walking first, and stiff penalties for corporations sacrificing safety, provide a path towards seeing autonomous vehicle technology improve the livability of our streets. Sign onto our recommendations to state regulators today: Let them know people who care about safe streets are watching.

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