Our Members Are Fighting For Market Street 2020

A people-powered movement means that our 10,000-plus members pedal forward every one of our campaign victories. So when it comes to a project like Market Street 2020, our once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform San Francisco’s premiere downtown corridor, it takes a lot of people power to win.

With approvals coming up on October 15, our volunteers are hitting the streets and talking to everyday folks biking on Market about what’s going on, what’s planned, and how they can help.

Volunteer for Market Street 2020

Meet Steven and Stefania, two of the many members who have stepped up on our Market Street 2020 campaign and volunteered for streetside outreach. If you’ve biked up Market Street on your evening commute in the past week, you may have seen them talking to people at Market and Octavia and passing out flyers with information as hundreds of people bike through.

“Only one in ten people I spoke with said they knew something about Better Market Street,” said Steven. “When people hear about it, they love the project.”

If you bike on Market Street today, it’s easy to love this project, which would finally put people first. A future Market Street would have fully protected bike lanes from Embarcadero to Octavia, and restrictions on private cars.

“Many people I spoke with all agreed they don’t feel safe riding Market street right now,” said Stefania. “Just while we were out there on Market and Octavia, 3 cars parked in the bike lane over the course of an hour.”

With this project on the line, we need your help. There are less than three weeks left until this project is considered for approvals. Join Steven and Stefania today and help us get the word out about how we’re going to transform Market Street together.

Be part of Market Street’s transformation.

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