Our New Bicycle Valet Program Coordinator

Chris Luu

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition welcomes Chris Luu as our Bicycle Valet Program Coordinator!

Tell us about your role at the SF Bicycle Coalition.

I manage our Valet Bicycle Parking Program, where we offer free, convenient, safe, and monitored bike parking at public and private events. These events range from small community events to all events at Chase Center and all SF Giants home games. I am responsible for day-to-day operational tasks, managing a team of bike valet attendants, logistics work, and the overall program. 

What do you love so far about your job?

I enjoy the opportunity to get experience in a little bit of everything in this Program Coordinator position. Being able to do everything from managing valet attendant staff, logistics work for events where we’re offering Bike Valet, and all of the program development work is exciting for me as I’m growing as a young professional. Going to all the events that offer Bike Valet has also been great, both to get a better feel for how Attendants work at various events (so I can do my job better knowing how the Bike Valet Attendants do theirs), and to give me an opportunity to see all that is going on in San Francisco!

After recently moving to the Bay Area, what do you like about it?

I really like the fact that I don’t have to drive to get everywhere. Coming from SoCal, where everything is at least a 20-30 minute drive, it’s nice utilizing other forms of transportation (walking, biking, public transportation) to get around. I appreciate the fact that I’m getting to hang out with friends up here that I wasn’t able to hang out with as much living in SoCal. I’m enjoying all of the new experiences that I’ve had since moving. Overall, I’m excited about starting the next chapter of my life here in the Bay Area!

When you’re not working or biking, what fills your time?

I watch at least 5-10 hours of pro wrestling a week from a variety of promotions and countries. Professional wrestling is the perfect mix of sport, performance art, & athleticism, and is the coolest thing anyone can be into. I watch Youtube videos on various topics (food, minimalism, mindful living, fitness, etc,) listen to a variety of podcasts (NPR affiliated, The Ground Up Show w/ Matt D’Avella, Tim Ferriss, etc,) and go to various concerts and music festivals. I’ve also been consistently weight training for over five years (mostly powerlifting and bodybuilding, but I’ve been dabbling in Crossfit recently.) 

Get to know Chris and park your bike with us at Chase Center events!

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