Protected Bike Lane Complete at the Hairball

One strand at a time, we’re making the Hairball a safe place to ride. A new protected bike lane on Jerrold Avenue leading into the Hairball marks a significant step towards safe bike connections to and from our southeastern neighborhoods.

The Hairball is a complicated network of corridors converging underneath Highway 101 at the intersection of Cesar Chavez, Bayshore and Potrero. For many people riding downtown from southeastern neighborhoods, the Hairball is one of the few connections possible by bike, with potential alternatives feeling unsafely populated by large and fast-moving vehicles.

Driven by member concerns, we’ve been pushing to improve safe biking routes through the Hairball piece by piece. The new protected bike lane on Jerrold significantly improves the southern approach into the Hairball by adding soft-hit posts and new crossing markings. Now people riding towards the Hairball won’t have to share a turn lane with heavy traffic.

This new protected bike lane is only the beginning of the changes needed to transform the Hairball. The many people riding in the area, whether they’re commuting or heading to the nearby recycling center, deserve safe streets. We will continue the push for protected infrastructure at all of the entrances and exits of the Hairball so that the people who presently and do not yet bike here feel comfortable. Join us in our push for safe connections at this crucial intersection of routes to and from our southeastern neighborhoods.

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