Raising the Bar: Euro-style Bikeways Coming to SF

Raised Bikeway Rendering of Valencia and Duncan Plaza (SF PUC)

San Francisco streets are changing! From protected bikeways to bike-timed lights to on-street bike corrals, City planners are introducing more cutting-edge bike infrastructure and designs to San Francisco streets. What’s next on the list? Raised bikeways!

Raised bikeways are common in great bicycling cities like Copenhagen, but are still relatively new in the United States. These will sit at an intermediate level that is slightly higher than the street but slightly lower than the sidewalk. Such a street design improves road safety because it creates distinctively comfortable spaces for all types of road users without the (easily run over) plastic bollards.

Over the next year, keep an eye out for two showcase one-block raised bikeways. We’ll have a race to see which project goes first: on Valencia Street between Duncan and Cesar Chavez Streets, or on mid-Market Street between Gough and 12th Streets; both projects are short but sweet. Following these showcase projects will be multi-block raised bikeways on both Masonic Avenue (approved and set to break ground next year) and on 2nd Street (awaiting approval).

We’re hoping these street improvements will improve your ride. If you want to get involved in the campaigns, check out sfbike.org/campaigns.

For this story and more, check out our Fall 2014 edition of the Tube Times.

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