Safe Streets for the Excelsior

What does it take to make a streets in San Francisco’s outer neighborhoods safe for people biking? With a community-driven process starting with open houses next week, we have an exciting opportunity to shape what our streets in the Excelsior should look like.

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For our denser downtown neighborhoods, we know that protected bike lanes are the way to go. For residential neighborhoods such as the Excelsior, though, protected bike lanes may not always be the best fit.

In the Excelsior, people who bike have far too few options to get where they are going. While we push for high-quality bicycle infrastructure along high-injury corridors in the area, we need to think carefully about how people can safely bike from those busy streets like Alemany, Geneva and Mission to their destinations like McLaren Park, Cleveland Elementary and shops on Mission Street.

Source: SFMTA (click to enlarge)

The Excelsior Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project, led by the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), will build off our existing efforts on the main bicycle routes to provide safe connections on neighborhood streets. Traffic calming measures such as traffic diverters, speed humps, stop signs and new crosswalks are all on the table, but we need you to tell City planners where you want improvements to go.

Join the SFMTA staff at an open house on Saturday, March 3 to let them know what you want your neighborhood streets to look like. We’ll see you there!

Excelsior Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project Open House
Cleveland Elementary Cafeteria, 455 Athens St.
Saturday Mar 3, 12:00 – 2:00 pm

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