Slow Down Excelsior, Prioritizing People-First Streets

Ready to make the Excelsior more bike-friendly and walkable? At open houses earlier this month, City planners presented proposals to improve connections to schools, parks and other neighborhood destinations. Make sure to stay in the loop as near-term projects move towards construction.

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Over the past couple of years, City planners have been engaging with folks in the Excelsior to identify opportunities to slow traffic and make residential streets more welcome for people biking and walking. During two open houses earlier this month, they presented proposals for near-term improvements to construct speed humps and raised crosswalks as soon as this spring.

These early fixes are just the beginning. Attendees voted on the top three intersections to prioritize for the next phase, and those longer-term improvements could include bulb-outs, traffic circles and more. People also gave feedback about where to prioritize connections and access to transit stops so that local, residential streets would feel more comfortable and welcome.

The Excelsior Traffic Calming project is only one of many transportation initiatives in the neighborhood, and we’re excited that there will be more opportunities to improve bike connections to and from the Excelsior coming up. Make sure to sign up for updates to receive the latest on what’s going on and what we’re doing to improve biking in your neighborhood.

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