South Side Survey Ride

While some of the most headline-grabbing projects are in downtown neighborhoods, your SF Bicycle Coalition is constantly engaged in projects in every corner of San Francisco. The higher number of people riding in our urban core does not mean that safety improvements should be overlooked elsewhere in the city. People ride all over San Francisco, and many streets in our outer neighborhoods still need a lot of work to be safe for people riding.

To bring more attention to our advocacy work in southern neighborhoods, we’re excited to host an upcoming survey ride to take a closer look at bike routes in the Excelsior, Balboa Park and Mission Terraces neighborhoods. We will cast a critical eye towards potential solutions for some of the challenging hotspots connecting major neighborhoods, schools and transit centers. We’re also looking for member feedback to inform our recommendations and work in the area.

Join us on our South Side Survey Ride to ride and take a closer look at the following locations:

  1. Ocean Avenue: This high-injury corridor, which crosses Interstate 280, is an important connector between the Excelsior and both BART and City College of San Francisco (CCSF).
  2. Phelan Avenue: This street runs through the CCSF campus, connecting Sunnyside to Ocean Avenue. With high volumes of traffic, this street is not a welcoming place for students trying to get to class.
  3. Cayuga Avenue: A calmer, neighborhood street that many people use as an alternative to Alemany in the bicycle network.
  4. Alemany Boulevard: Another high-injury corridor, Alemany is the main north south bike route in the area. Alemany and Silver was also the site of a recent bicycle fatality.

The ride will meet on Sunday Nov. 5 at 12:00 pm at the intersection of Mission and Ocean. RSVP below.

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