Stand up against Uber for a Truly Safer Market Street!

You’ll never believe what Uber’s up to on Market Street.

You may have already read that Uber started a petition opposing the Safer Market Street project. The “ridesharing” company has come out publicly fighting against our work to eliminate the danger private autos pose on Market Street between Eighth and Third Streets. Uber deceived its users, telling them that these vitally important new turn restrictions will bring “no improvement to safety.” They also suggested that Uber was actually helping to reduce congestion along the Market Street corridor.

These statements are patently false, and contrary to research by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency in publicly available reports, which we sent to Uber last week.

The Safer Market Street Project is a strong example of a data-driven proposal that is purely focused on safety. It’s important that the project moves forward promptly in its strongest form to help protect the thousands of people who walk and bike on Market Street every day.

Safer Market is the epitome of a good Vision Zero project, specifically planned to eliminate severe injuries and deaths along a corridor where thousands of people walk and bike daily.

We need your help in standing up for a truly safer Market, where only regulated and accountable operators are allowed. Here’s how you can help:

JOIN US at the SFMTA Board hearing on Tuesday, June 16 at 1:00pm, with the Safer Market Street project expected to be voted upon around 3:00pm (City Hall, Room 400). Email if you plan to attend. OR you can:

Write an email of support

Uber Acting Alone
Uber is the only “rideshare” company we know of contesting the Safer Market Street project. Others have already sent emails to all of their drivers letting them know about the turn restrictions and asking them to stay off Market Street in order to keep the people walking and biking on Market safe. Just one company is taking a stand against these critical safety improvements: Uber.

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