Status of Bill to Prohibit Toll for People Biking on Golden Gate Bridge

Last week, San Francisco Assemblymember Phil Ting’s bill to ban tolls for people walking and biking on the Golden Gate Bridge moved one step closer to (hopefully) becoming law.

Assembly Bill 40 would prohibit the Golden Gate Bridge Transportation District from implementing such a toll. Assemblymember Ting introduced the bill after the Golden Gate Bridge District Board asked their staff to study the potential impacts of a toll last October.

Your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition supports the bill because we believe San Francisco should be encouraging people to walk or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, not discouraging them. Everyone should be able to to enjoy our historic bridge in healthy, environmentally-friendly and low-impact ways – for free.

Thousands of you spoke up on this issue last year, and we’re glad Assemblymember Ting took action to put an end to this idea once and for all.

Stay tuned! The bill still has to go to the full Assembly, then to the Senate, and then to the Governor’s desk before it’s made a reality.

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