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When San Francisco has the third-worst traffic in the United States, we need to be doing everything in our power to ease congestion and reliance on cars. At a time when our state is ravaged by wildfires, we must take local responsibility by fighting back against climate change.

That’s why your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition proudly supports Board of Supervisors legislation to eliminate parking minimums across the city for all new development. Take a moment to be a supporter yourself as this legislation goes before a committee hearing next Monday, Nov. 26.

You can use this button below for a special template. We encourage you to share more about how you get around the city and why this legislation is important to you and your neighborhood.

Support this policy today

Parking minimums set requirements for development to provide a certain number of vehicle parking spots. That means that even if a developer wants to actively encourage biking or transit and provide great benefits to people who do, they still have to build a certain number of parking spaces for vehicles. Ultimately, these minimum requirements induce the demand for driving, which directly increases congestion and the number of vehicles on our roads.

If we’re designing our cities for generations to come, we need to advance bold legislation like this. When minimum parking requirements directly lead to inefficient, expensive use of land in our dense, Transit-First city, it’s time to make a change.

Board of Supervisors Land Use & Transportation Committee Hearing
City Hall, Room 250
Monday, Nov. 26 at 1:30pm

If you can make it, we encourage you to join us in person to speak up in support. Let’s make sure our elected leaders know that we’re watching.

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