Tell Us Where You’re Seeing the Worst Parking Offenses to End #ParkingDirtySF

Last week, Mayor Ed Lee, Police Chief Greg Suhr and Transportation Director Ed Reiskin announced a crackdown on double parking and drivers who “block the box,” two dangerous behaviors we’re seeing more and more of on San Francisco’s streets. This additional enforcement is part of the City’s Vision Zero commitment and we are excited about the impact this will have on all of our bike rides and thankful to the Mayor for taking a step to address this issue.

To help the program be as successful as possible, we’re launching a #ParkingDirtySF campaign to understand where these problems are the worst. We want to hear from you!

If you’ve ever had to dodge a double-parked car, you know this isn’t just about congestion, transit efficiency, and convenience, it’s about safety. The SFPD and the SFMTA are committed to increasing enforcement of these illegal behaviors by 50%, and we’ll be compiling your feedback to make sure the City focuses on the areas that most affect people biking.

Take action to help fight double-parking!

  1. Let us know. Tell us in the form below where you see the worst double-parking and jammed up intersections and we’ll make sure it gets shared with the SFMTA and SFPD.
  2. Report the violation to the City. When you see double-parking violations, call 415-553-1631.
  3. Join the online campaign. Post a photo of the offense on Twitter using hashtag #ParkingDirtySF . Don’t forget to include information on where the dirty deed is happening, and tag @sfmta_muni and @sfpd as well as @sfbike!

Tell us where you see the worst double-parking issues in SF:

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