The fight’s not over for a Better Market Street

UPDATE (11/12/2020): The City has heard your concerns regarding outreach and they have now extended the deadline for an additional two weeks to Nov. 30. They have also added a survey so that participants can give more detailed feedback about the project elements.

Your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition knows how important Market Street is, which is why we keep fighting to make sure Better Market Street delivers change that we can be proud of. That’s why we joined with Walk San Francisco and the SF Transit Riders last week to oppose the revised proposal that City planners unveiled last month.

Share Your Feedback

The City has stated that they want to hear from the public, but the virtual open house being held right now does not send that message at all. There is currently no way for people to provide detailed feedback on the major changes to this complex project. It feels to us and our members like ten years of robust, intentional outreach and planning is being thrown out without much discussion.

So here’s where we need your help.

First, take a look at the website for yourself and read up on the City’s revised proposal to remove the proposed dedicated, protected bike lanes and maintain the status quo of sharing the street with taxis and delivery trucks.

Then, write an email to the City’s leadership and the Better Market Street project team to share your feedback. Here are some suggested talking points:

  • I disagree with the current revised proposal because the design isn’t safe enough for people on bikes. Car-free Market Street was an upgrade, but in order to transform Market Street as a place where everyone feels welcome to bike, we need dedicated space for biking and not shared lanes.
  • This outreach is inadequate. This project was in planning for 10 years and an 11-day open house to change it is rushed. There isn’t even a survey for us to take to give direct feedback about this design.
  • As City leaders, I’m asking that you take public feedback seriously and listen to people like me who are taking time to write you an email. I’m also asking that you bring back designs that meet the original goals of a Better Market Street to address pedestrian and bicycle safety, improve Muni reliability, and make our city’s most important street a more welcoming place for everyone. Getting Market Street right is more important than ever as our city’s economy recovers from the pandemic.

We know that changes are necessary to reduce project costs. We know the design will need to be revised, and we are committed to working with the City to develop a design that reflects what our members have always fought for: a safe, welcoming experience for people who bike Market Street today and all those who will bike it in the future.

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