Using 311 to Report Blocked Bike Lanes

If you’re frustrated by the constant double parking, passenger drop-offs, and deliveries that occur in the bike lane, we have news for you.

Last month, the City’s 311 system added a new feature on their mobile app for reporting vehicles that are illegally parked or blocking driveways. This allows individuals to share a photo along with details about the illegally parked vehicle directly with the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) parking enforcement team.

For non-app users, violations can also be reported by calling (415) 553-1200, then pressing 1 for English and 7 for reporting double parking.

How to navigate the 311 app to report illegal double parking in bike lanes.

According to the SFMTA, these reports will allow for the “collection of data on bike lane violations that can be used to help target future enforcement efforts.” SFMTA has also confirmed that resolved cases marked as “advised of violation” does not mean that the driver was advised, but rather that City staff are made aware of the violation and that the violation was added to a database which will guide future enforcement deployments. Given popular confusion about the “advised of violation” wording, we’re urging the SFMTA to make the language clearer in the 311 system when cases are resolved.

We know that this reporting feature will only be meaningful if it helps guide parking enforcement efforts and, where appropriate, changes to curb access and street design. Driven by our strategic plan, we are committed to eliminating double parking in bike lanes and will closely watch the progress now that the SFMTA is equipped with more data. Join us in holding our City accountable to keeping our bike lanes safe and accessible.

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