Valencia Bike Lane Designs Need your Feedback

Long-awaited improvements are in the works for the Valencia corridor. The SFMTA is holding open houses from September 16-30 to allow folks to give feedback on their new proposed bike lane designs.

As of right now, there is no physical protection for people biking on Valencia Street passed 15th Streets. The SFMTA’s new proposal would provide protected access via a center running bike lane along the street from 15th to 24th streets, as well as various curb management improvements to improve loading along the street.

Starting out as an 18-month pilot, this center-running bike lane would be the first of its kind in the city. While this type of design is new, what is most important to us is that this bike lane is built with permanent physical protection to protect people biking from vehicle traffic. In order to ensure that these plans fit the context of Valencia and its myriad of uses, feedback and engagement from the public is crucial.

Along with the open house, there will be in person office hours on Wednesday, September 28th for folks to weigh in. If you want to attend you can RSVP here. . To see all the ways you can plug in, visit the project page. After the open house has closed, SFMTA will consolidate all feedback and improve on the designs if necessary. For any other questions feel free to reach out to

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