We Need Your Feedback for Page Street

Page Street

With a packed room Tuesday night, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) revealed designs for a people-first Page Street. Those in attendance got a first glimpse of what a pilot that prioritizes those walking and biking could look like. This open house was possible thanks to Supervisor Vallie Brown, who attended the event to talk through the project with neighbors.

If you were unable to attend, there’s still time to give your feedback on the proposed designs. Click on the button below to write a letter to the SFMTA project team today with your thoughts.

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We know that Page Street is long overdue for changes that benefit the large number of people walking and biking everyday to and from school, work, or other destinations. But the street is overwhelmed by cars who use this neighborhood street for access to the freeway.

Tuesday’s Open House was the first step, and now, we have the chance to fix key safety issues along the street that have plagued the neighborhood for 16 years since the Central Freeway first came down. It’s time we put the safety of those walking and biking first on Page Street.

The SFMTA collected comment cards at the Open House which provided feedback on the various proposals, but we still need more input. If you would like your thoughts considered before the project has the chance to be approved at the SFMTA Board, write a letter today.

Share Your Thoughts

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