Who Should Bike Share Serve?

The path is cleared for one of the densest bike-share system in North America. On Dec. 8, our Board of Supervisors approved an agreement between San Francisco, Motivate (the Bay Area Bike Share operator), and other stakeholders across the Bay Area to significantly expand bike share ten-fold across the region.

This marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for transportation in our city and the creation of the first new transit system here in over 40 years. As approved, Bay Area Bike Share will include at least 320 new bike share stations and 4,500 bike share bikes across San Francisco.

Bike share will move forward over the next couple of months, with the first proposed batch of station locations presented to the community by Motivate at a series of community workshops, starting on Jan. 12. Following that announcement, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will be asked to approve station locations and Motivate siting stations by fall of 2016. And no, it isn’t too late to propose new bike share stations!

Like any other type of bicycle infrastructure, our goal is for our members–from the South of Market to the Excelsior–to support your neighborhood bike-share station and this new healthy, affordable and sustainable transit system. One great way to get involved is to Join our campaign for a fair and equitable bike-share system today. We’ll reach out every so often to ensure that Bay Area Bike Share expands smoothly and results in a network that addresses communities’ needs.

Bike Share for All!

While this work advances, your SF Bicycle Coalition will continue advocating for an inclusive pricing structure, like Chicago’s Divvy for Everyone. That will not only catalyze usage, but will lead to even more improvements in our network of bike lanes as more people learn the joys of biking in our city. Jump on the bike-share wagon today and join our bike share campaign!

Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city.