You’re Invited: Caltrain Member Committee on July 12

Are you a regular Caltrain rider who brings your bike on board?

Whether it’s overhauling Townsend Street to bring a comfortable bike connection to Fourth and King Streets, or making sure there space for you and your bike as Caltrain continues to upgrade the entire system, we want to hear from you.

Caltrain Member Committee
Tuesday, July 12 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
SFFD Community Room at 1275 3rd St.

As new opportunities arise to improve bike connections to Caltrain and the experience of bringing your bike on board, we know that our advocacy will need to be powered by our members to take advantage of these opportunities. What’s in store?

1. A Better Townsend Street

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is launching their Townsend project later this year to significantly improve the street for biking and walking from the Embarcadero all the way to Eighth Street.

Before public workshops and open houses begin, we want to hear from our members: What would make the bike connection here better for you?

2. Caltrain Electrification

Last year, we received an outpouring of letters and support for a new, modernized Caltrain fleet that included expanded bike capacity. Thanks to your advocacy, the Caltrain Board approved more bike space on board than what their staff originally recommended. As Caltrain continues edging closer to electrification, there will be opportunities to give feedback on what this new railcar design will look like to make it easy to get your bike on and off the train.

3. Bike parking and bike share

For some who only need a bike on one end of their Caltrain trip, secure bike parking and expanded bike share can make a huge difference. We want to get your thoughts about what type of bike parking makes most sense and where it would be most well-used. Interested in bike share? The next phase of expansion is slated to include the neighborhoods near Fourth and King Station, as well as 22nd Street Station.

There’s a lot in store and we know we can only win these campaigns with strong member support. Come to this meeting, share your thoughts and be a part of making a difference for the thousands of people who connect biking with Caltrain every day.

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