Golden Gate Bridge

Pedal the Golden Gate!

Thousands of locals and tourists pedal the Golden Gate Bridge every day, and with good reason — biking across the Golden Gate is one of the most beautiful rides in the country.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition continues to work to open up better access to and on the Golden Gate Bridge. We won 24-hour access to the bridge for bicyclists (just push the button on the gate), and we continue to push for more bike access on the western span. Whether you’re a daily commuter riding to or from Marin, a recreational rider heading to the world-class cycling or a tourist, we’re working to help make your ride even more enjoyable.

Bike Access on the Bridge

On weekends and after 3PM on weekdays, people on bikes can use the west side of the bridge. Before 3PM on weekdays, bicyclists must share the eastern span with pedestrians. Please pedal slowly and carefully when sharing the space.

Tips for Sharing the Space

  • Obey posted signs
  • Ride at safe speeds
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Ride single file and keep right unless passing
  • Ring your bell or call out “on your left” when passing others.