The Bike It Forward program refurbishes donated  and reclaimed bikes, then distributes them for free to people who need a new way of getting around San Francisco.


“I am deeply grateful for all your help to make my dream come true, to have my own bike.”
-Francis, Bike It Forward recipient

What is Bike It Forward?

We’ve seen how convenient, affordable, and sustainable riding a bike can be. That’s why Our Bike It Forward program strives to make biking an accessible option to as many San Franciscans as possible. Whether it’s to commute to work, run errands, or just experience the simple joy of biking, we give away free bikes so more people can get riding in our city. Through year-round distribution events with community partners as well as direct, individual distributions*, we’re able to provide people with limited incomes and high transportation costs a new starting point in their biking journey. In order to make sure our Bike It Forward recipients are comfortable and confident on their new bikes, we offer a range of free bike education classes. Recipients also receive a helmet, lock, and lights.

*Due to high demand our individual bike distributions are temporarily on pause, check back here for more updates!

Community Partnerships

From start to finish, the efforts of our program would not be possible without collaboration with community partners, city agencies, and our volunteers. In partnership with the SFMTA and others in the community, we’re able to reclaim abandoned bikes that are then refurbished through the incredible effort of volunteers during our community repair nights. Then, through joint partnerships with community based organizations, such as SF CASA, Excelsior Bike Club, YBike, and BMAGIC, we distribute the completed bikes at distribution events to adults and children all over San Francisco. Interested in partnering with us for a distribution? Reach out below!

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please reach out at