2015 Board of Directors Election Results

The staff who administered the recent election for the seven SF Bicycle Coalition’s Board of Directors seats are pleased to congratulate the winners:

  • Leah Shahum, 777 votes
  • Andy Thornley, 750
  • Lawrence Li, 736
  • Shirley Johnson, 735
  • Jennifer Fox, 701
  • Mary Kay Chin, 684
  • Lisa Fisher, 682

We thank the additional eight candidates who ran for the Board but were not elected:  

  • Jeremy Pollock, 656
  • Oscar Grande, 624
  • Beatriz Herrera, 613
  • Carla McKay, 611
  • Bob Allen, 608
  • Jane Martin, 598
  • Jessica Hyman, 594
  • Peggy da Silva, 138

There were also seven valid votes cast for write-in candidates, none of whom drew more than one vote each.

Members cast a total of 1,443 valid ballots: 99.7% were cast online, and 0.3% were cast using paper ballots in person at the SF Bicycle Coalition’s office or via mail. This represents 13.5 percent of the members entitled to vote in the election. (Only members current as of Nov. 15, 2015, when voting opened, were eligible to vote.)

Details on the SF Bicycle Coalition staff’s efforts to raise member awareness of this opportunity to vote for our Board of Directors are available here. And details on how the staff’s Election Administration team counted votes and ensured the integrity of this election are available here.

The first board meeting with the newly-elected members will be held on Jan. 26.   We look forward to working with the winners, who will serve terms of two years on our Board of Directors alongside the existing Board members whose terms have not expired. And we thank you, our wonderful members, for making your voices heard in this election.

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