A Better Market Street Coming Your Way on Jan. 29

Market Street

New Year, new Market Street. We’re getting the new decade off to an exciting start with car-free Market Street coming your way by the end of the month.

The unanimous approval of Better Market Street will bring a complete overhaul to our city’s busiest downtown corridor, but we don’t have to wait years for those changes to take shape. The SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is quickly moving ahead with a set of improvements to make your biking, walking and transit experience better right away, starting with a ban on all private vehicles beginning on January 29.

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If you bike, walk or take Muni on Market Street, you know that this change can’t come soon enough. Here are our top highlights of what’s coming:

1) No more Uber and Lyft drivers on Market Street. A ban on private automobiles means that Uber and Lyft drivers can no longer pick up or drop off passengers on Market from 10th Street to Main Street.

2) Bike connections get even better. Do you connect from Page onto Market? You won’t have to compete with cars turning alongside you onto Market anymore, as a portion of this intersection will be for bikes only.

Have you ever had a close call at Market and Valencia? The bike lane will be extended and people driving will no longer be able to make a right turn onto Valencia from Market, creating a far more comfortable and safe connection between two of San Francisco’s busiest bike routes.

More improvements like these will be made up and down the entire length of Market to make your bike commute better.

3) Muni gets priority. The red transit lanes will be extended and will turn into a Muni-only lane, meaning taxis and non-Muni buses will need to use the outside lanes instead.

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