A Farewell to Paolo

Last month, we said goodbye to our Business and Program Community Manager Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz.

While we’ll miss him dearly, we know that he’ll be a short bike-share ride away. Paolo moves on to work for Motivate, the nation’s largest bike-share operator who is leading the ten-fold expansion of Bay Area Bike Share.

During his tenure working with your SF Bicycle Coalition, Paolo taught over 250 employees at businesses and nonprofits across San Francisco about the joys and benefits of riding to work through our Commute by Bike program. In partnership with the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District, he developed San Francisco’s first-ever Bike-Friendly Business District. He led the charge on Safer Market Street and won approval for the complete redesign of 2nd St.

“Paolo was a tireless champion for better biking,” said Program Director Margaret McCarthy, “and so skilled at helping people understand why bikes are good for business. His signature energy and charm inspired people to get involved with our Market Street campaign and so much more. Biking in San Francisco is better because of Paolo’s work.”   

We’ve got a big role to fill in Paolo’s absence but before hitting “Apply For Position” below, enjoy our Q&A with Paolo to look back on his time at the SF Bicycle Coalition and what he’s off to in his new role at Motivate.

SF Bicycle Coalition: Wow, so you’re headed off to Motivate! Tell us more about your role there.

Paolo: I’m very excited to join Bay Area Bike Share as their new Outreach and Communications Manager, where I will be leading the external affairs and public engagement for the tenfold expansion across the Bay Area. I’ll be working closely with  the SF Bicycle Coalition, community groups and advocates, businesses, and our local elected officials to engage people in our expansion and make sure the system is a welcome addition to the Bay Area’s transportation network. So I’m not going far.

We’re thrilled to hear about bike share’s expansion. What’s your vision for bike share in San Francisco?

San Francisco’s bike share is growing from 350 bikes to 4,500, making it the densest bike share system in North America. This is a huge deal, and will be a game-changer for how people get around our city. Imagine never having to travel more than a few blocks to grab or dock a bike, like you see in parts of New York or Paris. With bikes easily accessible to everyone in every part of the city, bike share will make our streets safer, our city healthier and provide a new transportation option for all. That’s the future we’re building towards in San Francisco.

After over two years as the SF Bicycle Coalition’s Business and Community Program Manager, what were some of your fondest memories?

Too many to count! The big street wins stand out, of course – winning protected bike lanes on Second Street, beating Uber to pass Safer Market Street, among many many others. But the fondest memories are of time spent with our dedicated members and staff, often through long hearings and late-night meetings, working hand in hand to lay the groundwork for these wins. Oh, and I can’t forget the member parties!

You’ve left a huge gap to fill, and we’ve just announced our job posting for a Community Organizer. What would you tell prospective candidates?

You have HUGE shoes to fill! (Joking.) Working at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is a serious dream job. For real. You’ll be entering a top-notch organization with a supremely talented and charming staff, an engaged and passionate membership, and a long track record of getting things done. They also know how to have some fun, so be prepared to work your butt off and have a blast doing it.

Anything else?

At Bay Area Bike Share, we’ll be hosting public workshops in January (dates announced shortly), and I’d love to see you there! This is your chance to help decide where our next round of stations will go. Check out bayareabikeshare.com/expansion for updates.

See you in the bike lane!

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