A Functional Townsend Street

Whether on a bike, in a car, riding the bus or walking, Townsend Street is kinda busted. Like many crucial connector streets in SoMa, Townsend needs real solutions that work for the different ways that people get around. Here is an opportunity to shape those solutions.

When it comes to biking, Townsend Street is a key route for the many who commute to Caltrain by bike every day. But regardless of mode, poor pavement conditions, lack of protection for the bike lane and missing sidewalks make Townsend challenging for all street users.

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The Townsend Corridor Improvement Project is kicking off this year and covers Townsend in its entirety from Eighth to Embarcadero. This is our chance to make Townsend safe and enjoyable for all users. This SFMTA project is in its very early phases which means now is the time to let City staff know what we want to see out of the new street. The more we ask for now, the more we’ll get on the ground.

Your input at this phase of the project is very valuable and goes a long way towards making sure that initial designs reflect street-user’s needs.

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